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Peer and Professional Tutors

Tutoring Procedures

One-on-One Tutoring, Group Tutoring, Drop-In Tutoring, Special Topic Sessions  --  Join Us!

1. Choose a professional tutor or a peer tutor from the list below.
2. Set up an appointment by clicking on the e-mail address.
3. Contact the tutor if you need to cancel.
4. If the tutor misses appointments consistently, please alert the Learning Center staff.
5. Bring your book and other appropriate materials on the day of your appointment.
6. If a subject is not listed, alert the Learning Center staff and they will do their best to find a tutor.
7. If needed, request a group study, led by a tutor, in the Learning Center.

Professional Tutors

Subject Area Name Contact Information
The following faculty are available for tutoring.
Please contact these faculty directly to set up an appointment.
English / Writing Specialist Laurie Durzo lbk10@psu.edu


Peer Tutors

Course Name Contact Information
The following students are available for peer tutoring during the Spring 2015 semester.
Please contact these students directly to set up an appointment.
 BIOL  220  Ava Witter  azw5240@psu.edu
 CHEM 110
 Ava Witter
 ECON 104
 Alex Pedder
 EDSGN 100
 Alex Pedder
 ENGL 015
 Alex Pedder
 MATH 140 & below  Alex Pedder
 PHYS 211 & below
 Alex Pedder
 SPAN 001, 002, & 003  Millie Brasser

 This will be updated periodically as more tutors come forward to offer their services.

 Please stop by the Success Center for a full and current list of available tutors.