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Personal Web Space

Apply for Personal Web Space

Your Penn State Personal Web Space is part of your Penn State Access Account Storage Space (PASS).  Webmail and Portal information is also stored in your PASS.  Think of Personal Web Space - within the www folder of your PASS - as the portion of your PASS which is 'published' on the Web.  Files inside the www folder of your PASS typically can be viewed by anyone.  You also are provided with 'private' web space within the www_protected folder of your PASS.  This folder allows you to restrict access to certain users.

While PASS space for file storage is provided automatically,  you must apply for your personal web space before you can begin publishing.    


Resources for Publishing to your Personal Web Space:

Please observe all applicable copyright laws when using non-original content in your web pages.  Always read any disclaimers and follow all conditions of use before you use someone's content.

Penn State's ePortfolio Web site - everything you need to know to get started publishing web pages at Penn State.

Locating Legal Sources of Content for Multimedia Projects (.pdf) - links to sources of content you can use freely. 

Penn State Web Developer's Resource Center - lots of resources for your web pages, including Penn State logos and other images.


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