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WebMail is Penn State's web-based e-mail service and it allows you to access your Penn State e-mail from any computer with an Internet connection. Simply launch a web browser and visit http://webmail.psu.edu/. You will need to enter your Penn State Access Account User ID and password to gain access to WebMail. Learn more about WebMail at the WebMail FAQ

Setting up POP mail on a Different E-mail Client

If you prefer, you can configure a different e-mail client to check your Penn State e-mail using the settings found on the Penn State Knowledge Base entry at http://kb.its.psu.edu/node/2023.

Forwarding your Penn State E-mail

If you prefer, you can arrange to have all e-mail sent to your Penn State e-mail address forwarded to a different e-mail address. You can set up e-mail forwarding at http://www.work.psu.edu/.

Setting up the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) for your Penn State E-mail

IMAP is a service that permits e-mail clients to access messages stored on a remote server as if the messages were locally available on the user's own computer system. E-mail stored on Penn State's IMAP server can be accessed from a home computer, an office computer, or a laptop. IMAP is typically ideal for people who need to check e-mail on multiple machines on a regular basis, especially for those who travel regularly. More information on the IMAP service can be found at: http://ait.its.psu.edu/services/collaboration/messaging/servers.html.

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