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Welcome to the software request form. Please use this form to request the following:

  • Software for faculty laptops
  • Software for campus lab computers

Requests for personal software may be submitted anytime. If software is to be installed on lab computers, the request must be received by:

  • June 30 for the fall semester
  • September 30 for the spring semester

Faculty Information

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Semester (Note: If you only want this installed on your laptop, please select the "Laptop Installation" option.)

Course(s) this software will support:

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Software Information

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Type of Purchase:

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Location for Installation

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Classroom Number(s) (Select all that apply):

Classrooms and numbers
Blissell 044D ITC 032 Tech B3
Conf 014B Psych Lab Tech 012
Eng 008 Sci 007 Writing Lab
Eng 009 Sci 023  
Eng 016 Sci 117  
Eng 124 Sci 119  
ITC 030 Sci 140  
ITC 031 Tech B2  

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If you experience trouble submitting this form, please contact nkhelpdesk@campuses.psu.edu