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All users of Penn State New Kensington computing facilities are required to abide by the following Information Technology policies. 

University Information Technology Policies

All University IT policies can be found at http://guru.psu.edu/policies/#ADMIN.

Campus Information Technology Policies

The following campus specific policies have been established to protect our computer systems and end-users.

PSU-NK-ITS-000 - End User Computer Agreement (.pdf)

PSU-NK-ITS-00Q - Computer Administrative Access Request Procedure(.pdf)

PSU-NK-ITS-001 - Personal Computer Use in Conjunction with the New Kensington Data Network (.pdf)

PSU-NK-ITS-002 - Credit Card Use Policy (.pdf)

PSU-NK-ITS-003 - Media Services Equipment Policy (.pdf)

PSU-NK-ITS-004 - Acceptable Use and Security Policy (.pdf)

PSU-NK-ITS-005 - Password Policy (.pdf)

PSU-NK-ITS-006 - Anti-Virus Policy (.pdf)

PSU-NK-ITS-007 - Technology Security Audit Policy (.pdf)

PSU-NK-ITS-008 - Server Security Policy (.pdf)

PSU-NK-ITS-009 - Firewall Rule and Exceptions Policy (.pdf)

PSU-NK-ITS-010 - Remote Access to the New Kensington Data Network Policy (.pdf)

PSU-NK-ITS-011 - Wireless Communication Policy (.pdf)

PSU-NK-ITS-012 - Data Backup and Retention Policy (.pdf)

PSU-NK-ITS-013 - Incident and Disaster Tolerance Response Policy (.pdf)

PSU-NK-ITS-014 - University Institutional Data and Personally Identifiable Information Policy (.pdf)

Computer Labs

  • Use of any Penn State New Kensington computer requires a user ID and password.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the Computer Center. Please leave open drink containers outside. Violations may result in disciplinary action.
  • No pornography, profanity, or obscenity is permitted on any campus computer. Violations will result in disciplinary action.
  • You MUST present a current Penn State ID card or current drivers license to obtain your access account information. No exceptions
  • You MUST present a current Penn State ID card to have any of your passwords reset (if you have forgotten your password). No exceptions.
  • You may not install, delete, or alter any software on any of the campus computers. Violations may result in disciplinary action.
  • Weekend computer lab access requires a valid Penn State ID. A driver's license will not be accepted.


  • Use of campus printers is for Academic or University business only.
  • Only print what is needed.
  • Use double-sided printing when available.
  • Take your printouts with you.
  • Submit and read electronic documents when possible.
  • Print at least three PowerPoint slides to a page.
  • Recycle paper when possible.


Computer Center Helpdesk Support


044 Blissell Library & Computer Center Building

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Computer Center
Hours of Operation

M-F: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.