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Student Testimonials


"At first, I wasn't quite sure how living on my own would be, but after the first few weeks I got the hang of it and started learning how to live on my own. I miss my family, of course, but learning how to do more things on my own was definitely worth it and I never felt lonely. 

The best thing about living on your own for the first time is your schedule is completely your own and the apartments are located so close to campus that it makes going to classes that much easier."

-- Krista, Communications




"My parents have raised me to be very independent and even though I was a little nervous to move away from home and meet all new people and live with strangers, I was more excited than anything. Being able to live on my own has allowed me to learn so much about myself that I did not previously know. I am graduating this semester and have lived on my own all four years of my college experience and wouldn’t have it any other way."

-- Heather, Psychology (class of 2013)




"Living on my own made me to be more responsible. You get a taste of what an independent life is about. Doing all the work at the apartments while completing all the college stuff made me more responsible. The best part is having all your friends around 24x7, so its not only all about work, but fun too. Secondly, I never have to worry about commuting to the campus, I can walk."

-- Ashutosh, Information Sciences & Technology




Craig stands by the lion shrine

"I would have to say there are many benefits to living at the Nittany Highlands Apartments. The one that I feel is the best benefit is being able to make your space your own and you have the freedom to do what you want. Also, you are able to build your own schedule that best fits your time whether it be studying, eating, socializing with friends or just relaxing."

-- Craig, Administration of Justice