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Our Mission
Work within the communities served by the campuses of Penn State to build a strong future for the people of Pennsylvania through the continuation and enhancement of Penn State's highly successful traditions in teaching, research, and service.

 New Kensington Advisory Board 2012-2013

  • George Adda 
  • Joseph Calig
  • Joseph Defilippi, Ph.D.
  • Joanne DiRinaldo, Ed.D.
  • Gregory Dries
  • Eric Felack
  • Rev. Msgr. James Gaston
  • Raymond Gretz
  • Raymond Mastre
  • Calvin McCutcheon 
  • Stephen Molitierno
  • Don Ryan
  • Michael Tagliati
  • Alan Vecchi
  • William K. Vingin
  • Ross Walker III  
  • Alphonse S. Weber
  • John Welch 
  • Thomas Wilczek
  • Craig Woolheater