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Accessing Buildings
As a member of the campus community, you (as well as University guests and visitors) have access to most campus buildings and facilities during regular business hours, Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., and for scheduled events on Saturdays and Sundays, excluding most holidays. If you need assistance gaining entry to a campus building or room, you may call the campus security staff at 724-334-6120.

Crime Watch
All crimes that occur during weekday business hours, Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m -5:00 p.m., should be reported to the director of business and finance. During evening and weekend hours all crimes should be reported to the campus security guard. All incidents that are brought to the University's attention will be reported to the local authorities.

Emergency Telephones
In case of emergency, dial 911. If using a campus phone, you must dial an "8" first. If using a pay phone, dial 911 direcly. Campus Security can be reached at 724-334-6120. The campus nurse can be reached at 724-334-6066 or 724-681-3978.

Escort Service
If you would like a security guard to escort you to your destination on campus, then call or visit the Security desk in the main lobby. Security can be reached at 724-334-6120. 

Lost and Found
The Lost and Found repository is located in the Enrollment Services area in the Business and Finance office. The Lost and Found repository staff safeguards all lost items, participates in efforts to return items to the owners, and arranges for the disposition of unclaimed items after specific time periods have elapsed.