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Campus rolls out new interactive virtual tour

Student activities
Prospective students can get a feel for the campus via a home computer or mobile app.
10/11/2013 —




As Penn State rolled out its new branding initiative, Penn State New Kensington rolled out its new interactive virtual tour. The online feature highlights campus students, facilities and activities.

In addition to visiting the campus in person, New Kensington, prospective students can get a feel for the campus via a home computer or mobile app. After previewing the campus, future Penn Staters can use the navigation buttons to schedule a visit or apply online.

“This is a great tool for our (admissions) office,” said Corinne Coulson, enrollment specialist at the campus. “It can be utilized during our school visits, college fairs and other recruitment activities.”

Users can explore different areas of the 72-acre campus using four tour options -- walking; panoramic; videos; and photos. The guided walking tour starts at the Lion Shrine and continues to the campus hot spots, including the Art Gallery, Computer Center, Forum Theatre, Conference Center, Café 780 and Athletics Center.

The Panoramas tour begins in the Academic and Career Success Center and provides 360-degree views of 19 campus facilities. The videos tour features students, faculty and staff testimonials about the quality of academic programs and the variety of student extracurricular activities. The Photos option is a gallery of 42 pictures that start with the iconic arch that overlooks the campus entrance off state Rt. 780.

In addition to prospective students, the website can be a useful tool for former students who can see how the campus has changed since their “glory” days. Alumni who haven’t been back to the campus in a while will be pleasantly surprised by the expansion of bachelor’s programs, the upgrades to labs and classrooms, and development of athletic facilities and teams, as well as external improvements including landscaping and a redesigned parking lot entrance.

To experience the interactive virtual tour, visit http://www.nk.psu.edu/virtualtour


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