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Campus blood drive nets 30 units

Blood Drive
A student donor chose the apheresis method to donate. The apheresis machine separates the blood into red blood cells and plasma.
4/4/2013 —



Thanks to the unselfishness of the campus and community, Penn State New Kensington donated 30 units of blood during the semiannual blood drive on April 3.

Students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends showed that the blue and white of Penn State could bleed red for the community. The donations helped to increase the blood supply in the local community in the Alle-Kiski Valley. The spring 2011 drive netted 50 units, second best in campus history.

"The students at Penn State New Kensington are a pleasure to work with during the blood drives," said Debra Kaminski, a medical technologist for the Allegheny Valley Hospital. "They have that community spirit, and the number of donors seems to increase each year."

AVH staff reported that not only did the red cell units increase their inventory, but that they were able to make platelets and fresh frozen plasma so several patients at the hospital could benefit from the one donation. The next campus blood drive is in October. Donors are eligible again in 56 days after giving.

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