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Research and Creative Exposition, Career Day; List of projects, employers

Undergraduate research
Oral presentations of projects are a part of the annual Research and Creative Exposition at Penn State New Kensington.
4/4/2013 —


Tuesday, April 9, Athletics Center

Poster and Oral Presentations: 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Company Recruiters: 12:30 – 3:00 p.m.

From the effects of nicotine on cognition, to interfacing electroactive polymers with software for capacitance sensing, to improving the meaningful life of undergraduate students, to using community engagement in a positive psychology course, students at Penn State New Kensington explored a variety of issues during the fall and spring semesters. The results of their research will be unveiled publicly at the 11th annual Research and Creative Exposition from 1 to 3 p.m., Tuesday, April 9, in the campus Athletics Center.

Student researchers will display their current research as posters or oral presentations at the annual event. The exposition provides students, under the guidance of a faculty adviser, with the opportunity to conduct research, draw conclusions and present their information in a public setting. This year, 86 students researched 55 projects that will be exhibited in a poster format or delivered orally.

The poster category is designed to convey the project's significance to scholars in the field and potential significance to the general public. The student's written research is translated into a poster and presented in public. Participants are judged on content, display and oral defense of their project.

The oral presentation category is designed to take written research and present it in an engaging 10-minute presentation. Presenters are judged on written materials, topic significance, objectives, methods, responsible knowledge, invention, preparation and delivery.

Also, in conjunction with the Expo, Penn State New Kensington will host the fourth annual Career Day from 12:30 to 3 p.m. on April 9, in the Athletics Center. Career Day complements the Expo by creating new opportunities for the students and faculty to build stronger contacts with local industries through sharing of career information while also highlighting the campus' many research and creative activities.

Representatives from more than 25 companies will discuss career options, internships and job opportunities for current students and recent graduates. Organizations attending Career Day represent a variety of fields including business, engineering, science, information technology, psychology, marketing, administration of justice, communications, finance, accounting, social services and human services. The campus faculty is encouraged to attend as companies will focus on career paths within their organizations that relate to academic disciplines.

"The combination of the Career Day with the Research and Creative Expo creates a major annual event for the campus while giving students significant opportunities to present their best work to local professionals and employers," said Jim Shields, career services coordinator at the campus. "At the same time, it's another chance to showcase Penn State New Kensington as a vital resource for local communities and businesses."

Career Day is more than just a job and internship fair. The goals for the event are three-fold: career information-sharing with students; networking among students, faculty and local businesses; and recruitment for internships and jobs. A directory with more information about opportunities with each employer will be available before the event to help students prepare for their interactions with the representatives.

The event is open to current Penn State students and recent graduates, and admission is free. For more information, contact Jim Shields, career services coordinator, at 724-334-6095 or jshields@psu.edu online.

Author(s), Research Project, Faculty Mentor

Richard Andraay, The Effect of Music on Memory, Dr. Richard Harnish

Jolene Bierer, The Advantages of Visual Imagery on Memory Retention, Dr. Richard Harnish

Emily Bolewitz, The Effectiveness of Disinfectant Use in The Penn State New Kensington Gymnasium,
Deborah Sillman & Tracie Brockhoff

Brady Boyer, Study on the Behavior of the Brown Marorated Stink Bug, Dr. Hamilton

Alexis Bradburn, Gabby Grillo, Perceptions of the Elderly in the Media, Dr. Jyotsa Kalavar

Alexis Bradburn, The Effects of Nicotine on Cognition, Dr. Richard Harnish

Michael Cavazza, Development of Renewable Based Polymer Additives to Improve Diesel Fuel Blends,
Dr. Robert T. Mathers

Katie Colbert, Heather Gulotta, Kalie Montgomery, The Relationship Between Merchandise Return Experience and Customer Loyalty, Dr. Rujirutana Mandhachitara,

Michael Daly, Attentional Priming for Working Memory Tasks, Dr. Richard Harnish

Cordell Delzer, Possible Techniques for Deposition of MoS2 on a Silicon Wafer,
Dr. Robert T. Mathers

Danielle Dortenzo, Christopher P. Deet, Late-Life Living Arrangements of the Elderly, Dr. Jyotsa Kalavar

Danielle Dortenzo, The Effects of Sugar on Memory, Dr. Richard Harnish

Brian Ferraccio, Do You Smile Because You Are Happy or Are You Happy Because You Smile?: Facial Expressions and Affective State, Dr. Richard Harnish

Bridget Fisher, Do You Use Music As A Motivator? The Relationship of Music And Exercise,
Dr. Richard Harnish

Tyler Flohr, Solubility and Thermodynamics of Various Fuel Blends, Dr. Robert T. Mathers

Stephenie Fox, Tori Claypoole, Radiation Effects Associated With Air Travel, Debra Majetic

Chelsea Gearhart, The Effects of Chewing Pepperment Gum on Math Test Performance, Dr. Richard Harnish

Samantha Geisel, Ecology of the Galapagos Martin, Dr. Hamilton

Andy Gengler, Hannah Cook, Lung Neoplasms, Marcia Curler

Gabriella Grillo, Criminality and Perception, Dr. Richard Harnish

Hailabe Hailu, Samantha Miller, Emily Westover, Kristen Santry, Radon, Marcia Curler

Nathan Hand, Christine Patroski, Paige Campbell, Compost: Comparing and Contrasting Different Material Compositions During the Creation of Compost, Dr. Hamilton

Jake Howard, Music in Medicine, Douglas Starr

Dana Huskuliak, The Effects of Light on Happiness, Dr. Richard Harnish

Christian Kamenic, Database Security in the Modern World, Gary Heberling

Brianna Klems, Colors' Effect on Memory, Dr. Richard Harnish

Heather Lach, Memorization of Words with Classical Music and No Music, Dr. Richard Harnish

Schram Lauren, Shanna Williams, Domestic Violence Hurts … Everyone, Dr. Kristine Artello

Andrew Lee, The Effect Cell Phone Usage Has on Reaction Time When Identifying Traffic Signs,
Dr. Richard Harnish

Michael Lockerman, Strength in Safety Helmet Design, Joan Kowalski

John Maholic, Alisha Roudebush, Brandi Dickerhoff, Penn State New Kensington Student's Grandparent Population Who is Working and Living Longer, Dr. Jyotsa Kalavar

Anthony Maiolo, Cody Shoemaker, Forces for Dummies, Joan Kowalski

Joe, Maltese, Jimmy Cook, Kylee Danko, Comparison of Microarthropod Communities in Two Forsted Sites,
Dr. Hamilton and Deborah Sillman

Bradley Mayo, Automated Code Formatting and Standardization, Dr. Hal Smith

Matthew Peretic, Interfacing Electroactive Polymers With Software For Capacitance Sensing,
Dr. Robert T. Mathers, Dr. Hal Smith

Matthew Peretic, Nicholas E. Kirkland, Denver V. Moyer, Christopher S. Weimann, The IPT - The First Step Towards Eliminating the Electrical Grid, Joan Kowalski

Katie Pesci, Taran Opitz, Jade Elliott, Malignant Pleural Effusion, Debbie Majetic

Jennifer Phillips, Memory Priming Using Lyricless Music, Dr. Richard Harnish

Joshua Pilat, One Nation Under God: American Exceptionalism, Obama and The Newsroom,
Dr. Jennifer Wood

Samantha Polons, Maze Solving Robot, Dr. Frank Kadi

John Ramsey, The Effect of Post-Traumatic Triggers and Anxiety on Memory Functions,
Dr. Richard Harnish

John Rearick, Rearick, Brandi Ritenour, Parametric Variations of Kinematic Analysis,
Joan Kowalski and Dr. Fred Ridener

Carolina Ribo, The Color of Memory: How Color Affects Memory Recall,
Dr. Richard Harnish

Brandi Ritenour, John Rearick, Mike Lockerman, Parametric Variations of Stress Analysis, Joan Kowalski

Ethan Ritzert, Themes in Popular Female Literature, Dr. Lois Rubin

Brandon Short, Culturing Paramecium, Dr. Hamilton and Deborah Sillman

Bil, Staniszewski, Adam Bombalski, Joe Miller, Dave Yohe, Shane Wawrzyniak, Design and Analysis of a Can Crusher, Joan Kowalski

Joshua Swinehart, The Limitations of Short Term Memory:  Chunking and the Memorization of Words,
Dr. Richard Harnish

Vicky Tran, Lindzy Hall, The Ferns on the PSU-NK Nature Trail, Dr. Hamilton and Deborah Sillman

Vanessa Trecki, How Music Affects Reaction Time on College Students, Dr. Richard Harnish

Kiki, Wilkinson, Nicala Wisnick, Arianne Damico, Heather Pranskey, Hidden Radiation in Your Daily Life,
Debra Majetic

Shanna Williams, Heather Lach, Andrew Lee, Fitness Level of Middle/Late and Young Adults,
Dr. Jyotsa Kalavar

Shanna Williams, A Contemporary Look at Early Recollections, Joy Krumenacker

Shanna Williams, Joshua Swinehart, Improving the Meaningful Life of Undergraduate Students:  Using Community Engagement in a Positive Psychology Course, Dr. K.R. Bridges

Payton Wranich, Promoting Homosexual Teaching Encourages Tolerance and Changes the World,
Dr. Lois Rubin

Career Day Employers

Alcoa Technical Center
Alle-Kiski Area HOPE Center, Inc.
American Red Cross
ATI Allegheny Ludlum
Beyond Spots & Dots
Bottom Dollar Food
CASA of Westmoreland, Inc.
Chromalox, Inc.
Commonwealth of PA Civil Service Commission
Community Alternatives, Inc.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Family Behavioral Resources
Federal Bureau of Investigation
First Commonwealth Bank
Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania
Gray Matter Systems LLC
Lab Report
Leedsworld, Inc.
NHS Human Services
Oakmont Country Club
PA CareerLink
Pennsylvania State Police
PNC Financial Services
Premier Automation
Radio Disney AM 1250
The Callos Companies
The Summit Academy
US Dept. of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Services
Waddell & Reed, Inc.
West Penn Allegheny Health System
Westmoreland Casemanagement and Supports, Inc.


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