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Donors and students meet at scholarship reception

Scholarship Reception
After the reception, David Howarth, left, talks with Sam Carlson, the 2011-12 recipient of Howarth endowed scholarship.
10/31/2011 —


Elbert Howarth Advocated Building Campus in Upper Burrell

Patrick and Mardelle Kopnicky, benefactors of an endowed scholarship at Penn State New Kensington, were the keynote speakers on Oct. 25 at the campus' annual Scholarship Reception, an event that brings together scholarship recipients and donors.

The reception gives students who receive New Kensington campus scholarships a chance to meet their benefactors face to face. Campus scholarships are awarded to eligible students on the basis of academic promise, leadership qualities, community service and financial need. This year, new and returning students at the New Kensington campus earned a total of $160,000 in scholarship money. Thirty-nine scholarships were awarded to 100 students with an average award of $1,600 per student.

Among the scholarship students at the reception were Christopher Capo and Katryna Willard, the 2011-12 recipients of the Patrick Kopnicky and Mardelle Sacco Kopnicky Trustee Scholarship, a $50,000 endowment established by the Kopnickys in 2008. Capo is an engineering major from New Kensington and Willard is a letters, arts and sciences major from Brackenridge.

One of the donors selected for special recognition was David Howarth who traveled from Michigan for the reception. The Elbert S. Howarth Endowed Scholarship is named after his father, who passed away in 1992.  Elbert, a registered engineer, retired from Alcoa in 1980 as associate director of the Alcoa Technical Center.

During his 44-year tenure at the company, Elbert was an advocate of higher education and of establishing a local Penn State campus in the area. The New Kensington campus opened its doors in 1958 on Fourth Avenue in the heart of the city of New Kensington and quickly outgrew its downtown campus. Elbert diligently lobbied Alcoa to provide 35-acres of land along Route 780 in Upper Burrell for the growing campus. The initial tract, which has more than doubled to 72 acres, has been home to the present day campus since 1966. Continuing his association with the campus, Elbert served on the Advisory board for 22 years, including a term as president.

Elbert, who earned a bachelor's degree from Carnegie Mellon University, often lamented to his wife, Virginia, that many local and talented students did not go on to college because "they did not want to leave the area or were not able to afford the costs." His vision of the merits of a community campus, coupled with the creation of a scholarship that bears his name, assuaged both concerns.

Virginia, a University of Pittsburgh graduate and former teacher, continues the family's support of the endowment that is awarded to an engineering student at the campus. This year's recipient is Samuel Carlson of West Leechburg who met with David at the reception.

Penn State New Kensington is part of "For the Future: The Campaign for Penn State Students," a University-wide effort to raise private donations to strengthen support for students, faculty and programs. All gifts enhance Penn State's historic mission of teaching, research and service to society.

For more on giving to the campus, call Donna Speer, director of development, 724-334-6057 or visit http://www.nk.psu.edu/Giving/givetoday.htm online.



Elisabeth S. Blissell Scholarship: Gretchen Toy, Casey Domski

Charles H. Booth Jr. Renaissance Scholarship: Vitalii Vasyliev, Colton Tomporoski, Zachary Will

Bozzone Family Foundation Scholarship: William Staniszewski, Brady Boyer, Leigh Hastings

Roger H. and Barbara L. Claypool Endowed Scholarship: Taylor Transue

Thelma M. Clausner Scholarship: Taran Opitz, Michelle Arbster, Brandon Bierer, Melissa Daugherty, Charles Cudlipp, Cody Crone

Dr. Saul and Emma Fleegler Family Scholarship: Amanda Polons, Austin Flick

Ganassi Family Scholarship: Thomas Dalbo

Campus General Scholarship: Michael Klaric, Tyler Davis, Charles May

Bernard and Geraldine Guss Endowed Scholarship: William Staniszewski

Mitte B. Hightower Memorial Scholarship: Raymone Thomas, Lydia Johnson

Elbert S. Howarth Endowed Scholarship: Samuel Carlson

Hazel L. Hug Scholarship: Brandi Ritenour, Jacob Johnson, Jessica Summerhill

The Hyman Family Foundation Scholarship: Amanda Polons, Samantha Polons

Internal CES Scholarship: Andrew Sheffler;  Andrew McKruit;  Zachary Reott, Paige Campbell,  Joshua Marfin,  Nicholas Cavalier,  Mitchell Robinson, Tyler Leatherwood, Kobly Relich,  Joseph Palmieri, Eric Bennardo, Jack Sweeney, Zachary Montgomery, Adam Slater,  Navarre Statam,  Aaron Fehl,  Lee Herman,  Shaquille Hager, Daryl Harrington,  Korie Krull, Ta-Wayne Steele, Stefan Sadock, Travis Klinger, Emerson Kurjakovic

Jerome T. Little Endowed Scholarship: James Craver

Patrick Kopnicky and Mardelle Sacco Kopnicky Trustee Scholarship: Christopher Capo,  Katryna Willard

Evelyn Barker Krepley Scholarship: Deandra Barron, Paige Edwards, Alisha Roudebush, Jayme Livorio, Aric Fellers, Courtney Rockwell

Gregory and Xenia Kotyk Memorial Trustee Family Scholarship: Chelsea Hickman

Eric Sean Link Memorial Scholarship: Christopher Capo

Moore Family Scholarship: Alex Baker

G.E. Marquette Medical Systems Scholarship: Evan Adams

Penn State Alumni Association Trustee Scholarship: Ryan Baker

New Kensington Advisory Board Trustee Scholarship: Taran Opitz, Lindzy Hall, Richard Howett, Josephus Hankey

Laura Lee "Lolly" Benner-Booth Trustee Matching Scholarship: Johnathan Rearick

Charles H. Booth Jr. Trustee Scholarship: Brandon Bowser; Nathan Hand, Laura Giap, Chelsie Girty, Jacob Visnesky, James Miller

Penn State New Kensington Campus Endowment Fund:  Justin Rectenwald, Thomas Dubovi, Brian Jug, Grant Schoenfelder, Jake Howard

Penn State New Kensington Faculty and Staff Scholarship: Colton Tomporoski, Brian Jug

William and Claudia Harbaugh Trustee Scholarship:  Ashley Walker, Jayme Kruse, Michelle Arbster, Zachary Zatko

Dr. N.A. Kopelman and Freda D. Kopelman Trustee Scholarship:  Edward Sasinoski, Robert Vandenburgh, Hannah McBean

Gertrude A. "Trudi" Miller-Clements-Booth Trustee Scholarship:  Kriss Bookwalter, Stephen Artman, Megan Emanuel

R.P. Simmons Family Trustee Scholarship: Ryan Delane, Evan Toy, Michael Lockerman

Trustee Scholarship Fund: Shanna Williams, Jesse Vulgris, Christian Walleck

Lora Lee Phillips Memorial Award: Thomas Dubovi

PNC Financial Corp. Endowed Scholarship: James Craver, Timothy Borland

Alle-Kiski Society Endowed Scholarship: Shanna Williams, Vanessa Peck, Corey Zell, Justin Tinnemeyer, Gretchen Toy

Penn State New Kensington Advisory Board Endowed Scholarship:  Vitalii Vasyliev, Taylor Transue

Joseph and Mary Quarato Nursing Program Award: Maria Eshelman

Honorable L. Alexander Sculco Scholarship: Christopher Bachman

Ruth and Harry Stein Scholarship: Christopher Bachman, Dawnalyn Kann

Technical Employees of Alcoa Metallurgical Award Fund: Justin Rectenwald

John H. Yeamans Family Endowed Scholarship: Daniel Hoffman

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