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Endowments and Scholarships

Endowing a gift at Penn State New Kensington

Endowed gifts are vital to the long-term performance of the New Kensington campus. We continue to build our endowment, and thanks to donors like you we have made significant strides. Today, over 250 of our students are receiving much needed financial aid in the form of endowed awards.   

Endowed scholarships give donors the opportunity to establish guidelines for how funds from their endowment will be used, thus ensuring that their area interests benefit from their contributions. Endowed scholarships and awards continue to generate funds for deserving students in perpetuity, as well as increase in value over time. They also allow the donor or other interested parties to continue to donate to the endowment, thereby ensuring that awards keep pace with inflation and tuition increases over time.

Award: $20,000

An academic award recognizes academic excellence, and can be named for the donor, designated in a specific academic discipline, or made a general award. For example, an academic excellence award in Information Sciences and Technology can be established as an excellent incentive for students in that particular major.

Trustee Matching Scholarships

A Trustee Scholarship provides the unique benefit of generating immediate scholarship funds for qualified students and, because it is an endowed scholarship, it will provide funding to Penn State New Kensington students in perpetuity. Additionally, through the matching of University funds with your endowment, the Trustee Scholarship will generate larger scholarship awards from the very beginning. The Trustee Scholarship program is the perfect option for donors who want to see the maximum financial benefit for students, both now and in perpetuity. This will be a key focus moving forward.  

Undergraduate scholarship: $50,000

An undergraduate scholarship can be named for the donor and generally recognizes academic potential. It can be designated for general scholarship support or for a specific academic area.  For example, a  scholarship can be established for students enrolled or planning to enroll in the Business degree program.

University Professorship: $1,000,000

An endowed professorship provides resources to reward a renowned professor to pursue new lines of research or innovative teaching methods. A named professorship may enable a scholar to spend more time in direct contact with particularly gifted undergraduates. Income from the fund supplements a distinguished faculty member's salary, and provides funds for graduate assistant stipends, staff support and related expenses.

Other types of major gifts:

Capital projects

 (buildings or additions to buildings) that have been approved by the University.  Some additional facts about capital gifts:

  • A building can be named for a donor if at least 50 percent of the cost of the building has been given by that donor in the form of either cash or funds derived over a maximum five-year pledge period. 
  • "Parts" of a building may be named for a donor, i.e. a room, a study lounge, or a laboratory, with the same cost/gift ratio.

Early Career Professorship: $500,000

This endowment offers early recognition and additional support for outstanding young University faculty. It is designed to rotate every three years to a new recipient, and it offers deans and campus executives the opportunity to recruit and retain rising academic stars.  Through the Faculty Endowment Challenge, donors can leverage a 1:2 match from the University to establish new early career professorships in any of Penn State's academic units with a commitment of $334,000.

Program Support: $25,000

Program endowments support activities as diverse as undergraduate research, study abroad, and the performing arts. 

How gifts can be given:

  • Cash
  • An irrevocable pledge over a period not to exceed five years.
  • Highly appreciated stock, which provides an opportunity for donors to avoid capital gains taxes.
  • A variety of planned giving instruments (annuity trusts, lead trusts), that respond to the donor's needs for estate planning while at the same time making a generous gift to the University.

Scholarships at Penn State New Kensington 

Trustee Matching Scholarships

Charles H. Booth Jr. Trustee Scholarship
Laura Lee “Lolly” Benner-Booth Trustee Matching Scholarship
William and Claudia Harbaugh Trustee Matching Scholarship
Dr. N.A. Kopelman and Freda D. Kopelman Kopelman Trustee Scholarship 
Patrick and Mardelle Socco Kopnicky Trustee Matching Scholarship
Gregory and Xenia Kotyk Memorial Trustee Family Scholarship 
Penn State Alumni Association Trustee Matching Scholarship
Gertrude “Trudi” Miller-Clements-Booth Trustee Matching Scholarship
Penn State New Kensington Advisory Board Trustee Matching Scholarship
Dr. James Ramage and Lynn Ramage Trustee Scholarship
R.P. Simmons Family Trustee Matching Scholarship
Shaffer Family Trustee Scholarship
Doc and Linda Mueller Trustee Scholarship
Rotarian Trustee Scholarship
Trustee Scholarship for Penn State New Kensington (Penn State Bookstore)
Dr. Karl and Jennifer Salatka Trustee Scholarship
Raymond Mastre Professional Advancement Trustee Scholarship
Dr. David Clements Jr and Trudi Clements-Booth Family Trustee Scholarship
PSAA Trustee Scholarship


Elisabeth S. Blissell Scholarship
Charles H. Booth Family Scholarship
Charles H. Booth Jr. Renaissance Scholarship
Bozzone Family Foundation Scholarship
Thelma M. Clausner Scholarship
Roger and Barbara Claypoole Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Saul and Emma Fleegler Family Scholarship
Francis C. Frary Scholarship
Ganassi Family Scholarship
Bernard and Geraldine Guss Endowed Scholarship
Elbert S. Howarth Endowed Scholarship
Hazel L. Hug Scholarship
Hyman Family Scholarship Fund
Jerome-Little Endowed Scholarship
Erik Sean Link Memorial Scholarship
G.E. Marquette Medical Systems Inc. Scholarship 
Moore Family Scholarship
National City Bank Scholarship
New Kensington Campus Endowment
New Kensington Faculty and Staff Scholarship Fund
Penn State New Kensington Advisory Board Endowed Scholarship
Penn State New Kensington Alumni Society Endowed Scholarship
PNC Financial Corporation Endowed New Kensington Scholarship
Honorable L. Alexander Sculco Scholarship
Capt. N.F."Red" Stein Renaissance Fund Scholarship
Ruth and Harry Stein Scholarship
John H. Yeamans Family Endowed Scholarship

Annually Funded Scholarships

Joseph C. Culp Scholarship
Mittie B. Hightower Memorial Scholarship
Evelyn Barker Krepley Scholarship

Special Endowment Funds

Barbara A. Arnold Global Initiatives Program Support Fund
Elisabeth S. Blissell Penn State New Kensington Libraries Endowment
Catherine C. Gannon Technology Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation
Joseph A. and Mary M. Quarato Nursing Program Award
Lora Lee Phillips Memorial Award
New Kensington Honors Program Fund
New Kensington Student Leadership Development Fund
New Kensington Technology Innovation Fund
Faculty Speaker Series
Technical Employees of Alcoa Metallurgical Award Fund




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