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What is the Campus Work Order/Request System?

The campus work order/request system is powered by a software application called Footprints.  Footprints is a work order/request system that the campus uses to track, manage, and prioritze all requests/inquiries related to helpdesk, media services, marketing, and maintenance.

How does it work?

  1. You create a new request by filling out the appropriate form found at http://www.nk.psu.edu/assistance.
  2. You receive an e-mail confirmation that your request has been received by Footprints.  In the subject of the e-mail is the issue number that has been assigned to your request aka "work order".
  3. The Footprints project administrator assigns your request to an agent who will work to resolve your request.  The Footprints system automatically sends you another e-mail that shows who is assigned to your work order, the status of the work order, and a brief description entered by the project administrator.
  4. As the assigned agents works on your request, you will receive updates via e-mail each time the work order is updated.  If the agent requests additional information in the e-mail you receive, please be sure to reply to the e-mail that you receive in a timely fashion.
  5. Once the work has been completed, the agent will close the ticket and you will receive another e-mail stating that the work has been completed.  If your request was not resolved, please feel free to respond back to the e-mail you received to reopen the ticket as well as a description of what else is needed to resolve your request.
  6. When the work order is closed, you will be e-mailed a customer satisfaction survey as an attachment. Please open the attachment and provide your feedback to help us better serve you in the future.  NOTE:  Due to browser security settings, some web based e-mail products such as WebMail are unable to open the customer satisfaction attachment by clicking on it in the e-mail you receive. In most cases, if the attachment is downloaded and then launched from your local computer, the survey data can be submitted. 

If you have additional questions that haven't been answered in the FAQs, please contact the Helpdesk at 724-334-6081.