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The Nursing Management Certifcate program is a series of four courses developed by the School of Nursing to meet the career needs of current and potential nurse managers. A Penn State certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the four required courses. Those who do not want to take the entire sequence are welcome to take any course or courses that interest them.

The program helps nurse managers
--understand the basic of health care organizations and administration.
--collect, analyze, and manage data within the system.
--apply the latest concepts and techniques to managing personnel within the system.
--work more effectively and satisfyingly within the system.

The four 3-credit courses cover four different aspects of nursing management: the nursing system, the personnel in the system, information in the system, and the manager in the system.

NURS 430 Organization and Administration for Nurse Manager's (3) This course includes discussions of organization and administration theory, policy, power and politics, decision making, leadership, and change theory.

NURS 431 Data Management for Nurse Managers (3) This course focuses on the management of data within the system and includes information on computers, cost containment, economic models, documentation, reports, budgets, resource allocation, legal issues, and classification systems.

NURS 432 Management of Human Resources (3) This course covers recruitment, employment, termination, labor relations, performance appraisals, and other evaluations, committee leadership, legal questions, ethics and ethical behavior, staff development, standards of practice, and productivity.

NURS 433 Managing Nurse Managers (3) This course focuses on such managerial topics as conflict resolution, time management, stress reduction, working relationships, mentors, communication skills, clarification of values and accountability.

Ennrollment in these courses is open to current licensed registered nurses. All program courses must be taken for a letter grade and students must maintain a least a C (2.0 grade-point) average to receive a Penn State certificate upon completing the program.

Each nursing course is scheduled for 37.5 instructional hours, most of which are devoted to lectures and discussions. Case analyses and special reading supplement course textbooks.

For more information, contact Continuing Education at 724-334-6010.