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A Scholarship Program Inspiring Responsible Economics

ASPIRE was created by Penn State New Kensington in an effort to educate our students on the importance of making healthy financial decisions. Now, more than ever, it is crucial for students to understand and take charge of their financial future. This year, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced that student loan debt had passed the $1 trillion mark, thus exceeding the nation's credit card and closing in on home mortgage debt.

Students enrolled in ASPIRE will have the opportunity to meet with financial professionals during on-campus sessions several times throughout the year. They will develop a skill set aimed at making informed decisions about their finances while they are attending school and afterwards. Our goal is to save students money while attending college and help them to graduate with less debt. Sessions will include such topics as: budgeting your money while in school; the importance of saving; the dangers of debt; explanation of interest rates; and loan repayment strategy. Students will also gain access to online content and program modules through our partnership with CashCourse.

In addition to the valuable knowledge they will receive, students are eligible for a scholarship from $500-$1,000 upon successful completion and graduation from Penn State New Kensington. This award is meant to help the students with with expenses they will face post-graduation. Enrollment and participation in ASPIRE are required to receive the scholarship.

ASPIRE is proudly presented by Penn State New Kensington's Office of the Chancellor, Office of Student Aid, and Office of Enrollment Services.

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