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Transfer Students

A transfer student is any student who has completed 18 or more credits of work from a post-secondary institution after graduating high school.

  • total number of credits a student has accumulated from all colleges and universities attended
  • grade-point average (GPA) from all colleges and universities attended
  • choice of major
  • course work successfully completed at other colleges and universities that are members of the six regional accrediting associations

To be eligible for review, the grade received in the course must be equivalent to a “C” (2.0) or higher at Penn State, and Penn State must have a similar program or course offering. The course should be useful in the student’s program of study at Penn State. College level course work completed at colleges or universities that are licensed by state boards of education to award associate degrees or higher, but that are not members of one of the six regional accrediting associations, may be eligible for credit by validation.


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