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Why Penn State New Kensington?  Outstanding Faculty

How do you navigate a sea of 5.4 million books to find what you need?   Why, you ask your Personal Librarian for help, of course.

The personal librarian program at Penn State New Kensington makes the act of navigating the abundant resources of our library more manageable. After all, Penn State does have the 7th best research library system in North America!

Jennifer Gilley, our head librarian, reaches out to incoming freshmen and current students alike, and invites them to the Blissell Library. She volunteers to serve as a “Personal Librarian” and offers her services in topic selection, research methods and citation styles in order to make the information gathering process a more enjoyable experience.

When she’s not connecting students with the information they need, Gilley is very active in research, service and teaching. She is working on a book titled This Book is an Action: The Politics of Feminist Publishing, and she is active in the Women and Gender Studies section of the Association for College and Research Libraries. Gilley also makes guest appearances in classes throughout the year to provide research instruction tailored to your specific assignments.

You’re in capable hands with Gilley as your Personal Librarian, as she’s highly qualified to help (she has two master’s degrees!). Outstanding faculty members like Jennifer Gilley make Penn State New Kensington a great place to learn. So, visit Blissell Library, either on campus or online, and take advantage of the abundance of resources there.


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Why Penn State
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