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Gary Heberling


Why Penn State New Kensington?  Outstanding Faculty

Dedicated faculty like Gary Heberling, instructor in information sciences and technology, make Penn State New Kensington a great place to learn.

Prior to joining the faculty in 2000, Mr. Heberling worked in industry. During his 20 years of service with Oberg Industries, Heberling held a number of roles, including programmer, systems analyst, database administrator, and ultimately, director of Information Services.

His hands-on experience in business and IT (Information Technology) prepared him to teach courses in this interdisciplinary degree program. The Information Sciences and Technology degree program prepares students for entry to the workforce through a variety of roles.

quoteA student gains good background in the core technologies: databases, networks, web technologies, organization, and project management. But the true benefit of the program is development of skills working in teams and with people as it relates to information technology,end quote said Heberling.

In 2007, Heberling traveled to Shenyang, China, as a visiting lecturer at Northeastern University. He emphasized that we live and work in a global environment, and that it is important to learn a foreign language. IST students develop critical problem solving skills during required courses in a foreign language and advanced mathematics.

Heberling teaches a variety of lower- and upper-level courses from IST 110 through IST 440w, with expertise in the areas of database management and enterprise resource planning.  Professional ERP software requires technical expertise and is very resource-intensive to support. As a result, many IST programs are not able to provide this type of experience. However, students in the IST program at Penn State New Kensington benefit from hands-on experience with the same enterprise business applications they will see in the corporate environment, like Oracle and SAP. 


Why Penn State
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