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student and faculty member at Research and Creative Expo


Why Penn State New Kensington?  Undergraduate Research

Penn State is one of the major research institutions in the world with faculty active in research and development. However, research isn’t just for faculty members anymore; students at Penn State New Kensington also have the opportunity to roll up their sleeves and get involved.

Penn State New Kensington students of all disciplines are encouraged to participate in the campus' annual Research & Creative Exposition.

Conducting research under the direction of a faculty member is a valuable academic experience.

quoteStudents gain the experience of completing the project, presenting the project and then receiving feedback from a mentor about how to improve,end quote
said Bill Hamilton, assistant professor of biology and one of the founding members of the research fair committee.

Student participation in the Research & Creative Expo has more than doubled since it began 11 years ago. Last year, 62 students presented on a wide variety of topics, including biology, technology, psychology and art. About one third of the full-time faculty members at Penn State New Kensington sponsor projects in the expo.

Students can work independently or in groups, and the information can be presented in a variety of ways: poster presentations, oral presentations or research papers published in the campus’ Undergraduate Research Journal. Projects are evaluated by a panel of mentors, made up of current and retired faculty, local business people, and community members with matching interests.

As a campus, we recognize and encourage undergraduate research, which is something that sets us apart. We believe the experience can be defining to students’ academic careers.


Why Penn State
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