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students and staff on a boat in Peru

Global Programs

Students studying at Penn State New Kensington benefit from a unique program -- one that sets this campus apart. 


A global education close to home

Not only do students have access to all of the study abroad opportunities offered through Penn State Global Programs, but they also have a local opportunity to be deeply exposed to a foreign culture.  Each year since 2007, the campus has united to celebrate a foreign culture as a part of our Country of Focus program.

"The ‘Year Of’ celebrations help to expand the global perspectives of our students. The lectures, the concerts, the in-class projects, and the foods all help to show students that their possible experiences of the world around them are much more than they could have imagined,"  said Bill Hamilton, assistant professor of biology and co-coordinator of Global Programs on campus.


Reflecting on successful past ventures

The 2011 country of focus was Spain, and the year-long celebration culminated with a 7-day trip to Spain during spring break.  More than 130 of our students have participated in previous international campus trips to date.  View a map of where we have been.

When the group returns to New Kensington, student travelers often reflect on their experiences abroad.  Here is some of their recent feedback.

  • "This trip was a great cultural experience. Learning about other cultures rounds out the college experience and can only make us better people and better prepared for the future."
  • "A trip like this is a challenge to open your mind. It changes your ideas of what the world is like."
  • "We need to learn about people and places that are different than those we have grown up with. The sense of discovery and newness is incredible."



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