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Why Penn State New Kensington? High Student Satisfaction

Why Penn State New Kensington?  High student satisfaction

Penn State surveys students across all 19 of the commonwealth campuses to find out just how happy they are with their college experiences.  The resounding answer at Penn State New Kensington is that students are not only satisfied with their experiences here, but they’d choose New Kensington all over again if they had the chance!

See the enthusiasm in our students for yourself and watch these Penn State New Kensington student videos.  


Here are a few other great things that the students at New Kensington mentioned:

  • 83% of our students feel a sense of belonging to Penn State. That's due to our small class sizes, outstanding faculty and student life activities.

  • Penn State New Kensington’s orientation program for new students is ranked second among Penn State's commonwealth campuses. All first year students are placed into small groups called “Prides.”  Participating in campus activities as a Pride enables students to meet and build relationships with other new students quickly.

  • 81% of students are satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of teaching and 85% are satisfied or very satisfied with the opportunities to meet with faculty outside of class. 


Why Penn State
    New Kensington?


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