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Learning Center

The Learning Center is an academic affairs support service available free-of-charge to Penn State New Kensington students. The Learning Center offers:

  • tutorial services
  • special topic workshops
  • study groups
  • writing support
  • math support
  • support for learning disabilities
  • academic resource materials

Services are available Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm. The Center is located on the lower level of the Student Union building beside the Bookstore. The telephone number is 724-334-6095.

Tutorial Services

Faculty-recommended peer tutors in a variety of subject areas provide tutorial services at no charge for any Penn State New Kensington student. Approximately forty courses are supported by peer tutors each semester. In addition, professional tutors in math and English provide one-on-one tutoring. Each academic year, nearly 400 different students take advantage of these services. Students who seek support early and consistently see positive results.

Students who would like to use the Learning Center's tutoring services are encouraged to read our Tutoring Procedures and contact one of our professional or peer tutors to set up an appointment.

Faculty who would like to refer students for tutoring should use the Learning Center Referral Form (pdf).


Support for Learning Disabilities

Learning-disabled college students are those students with normal or above normal intelligence who are essentially visually or auditorily handicapped. (These students are not legally hard of hearing or blind.) They have been tested, diagnosed, and supported during their elementary or secondary schooling and have made that documentation available to the Penn State Learning Center specialist. During an interview, the student and the Learning Center specialist outline the responsibilities of the learning-disabled college student and the type of
accommodations the Disability Services liaison can provide.

If a current PSNK student is seeking accommodations, that student must follow these steps.

  • Make an appointment with the Disability Services liaison, Laurie Durzo.
  • Gather the following documents and bring them to this appointment.
    • Psychological report with diagnosis (dated within the past 3 years)
    • Individualized Education Plan (IEP) from high school
    • High school transcripts and SAT scores


Study Groups and Tutorials

Study groups form naturally or are arranged within particular classes by Learning Center staff. Some groups meet daily; others meet weekly to discuss current course work and to prepare for examinations. Learning Center resources provide additional course information: a variety of textbook explanations, textbook solution manuals or answer keys, study guides, and professors' "old" test files. Study group support builds academic confidence and competence.


Writing Support

Students needing to strengthen their writing skills may work with an English tutor one-on-one or in small groups. Students needing support should contact the Learning Center to arrange an appointment.


Math Support

Students needing to strengthen their math skills may work with a math tutor one-on-one or in small groups. Contact the Learning Center for information about math support.


Academic Resources

  • Solution Manuals--answer keys and/or solutions to problems found in mathematics, engineering technology, and physics textbooks
  • Study Guides--student guides that outline and supplement current course textbooks
  • Test Files--sample course examinations from previous semesters, provided by professors in mathematics, engineering technologies, and science courses
  • Textbooks--supplementary textbooks in a variety of subject areas
  • Instructional Videos--study skill and mathematics lessons that coordinate with Penn State courses

Special Topic Workshops

During the fall and spring semesters, staff in the Learning Center offer workshops on special topics important for successful college-level work. Sample topics may include calculator skills and programming, formula manipulations, unit conversions, stress reduction, and study skills.

Available in the Learning Center:

  • Study skill handouts
  • Individualized study skill sessions
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