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Country of Focus

In 2007 the Penn State New Kensington Campus began a “Country of Focus” study program. This program was intended to give our students glimpses into the richness and diversity of a foreign culture, to compliment the campus’ active student travel program, and to help our students grow into “World Citizens.” Past countries of focus  include China (2007), Ecuador (2008), India (2009), Spain (2010), Kenya and Tanzania (2011), and Ireland and the United Kingdom (2012).

The International Committee is responsible for the selection of the Country of Focus and for coordinating a schedule of associated campus events. Every year a series of speakers, films, food events, and dance and musical performances focus on aspects of our chosen country. A number of faculty also develop assignments and readings for their courses that focus on our chosen country, and in two of the five years we have also been able to select a first year summer reading program book that was based in our selected country.


Canada is the 2013 - 2014 Country of FocusThe campus has selected Canada as the country of focus for the 2013 - 2014 academic year. 

Many faculty plan class activities and assignments around the year's country of focus.   The staff of Blissell Library work hard each year to provide resources to support these projects.  Here are some of this year's country of focus resources available through the library.