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Some students choose to remain at one campus for all 4 years, while other students choose the "2+2 Plan."  The Penn State 2+2 Plan allows students to spend their first 2 years of study at one campus and transition to another for their remaining 2 years.

Our students choose the 2+2 Plan for a variety of reasons:

  • For the opportunity to stay closer to home
  • For the opportunity to save money in tuition and housing
  • To enjoy certain campus highlights, like smaller class sizes or athletic opportunities
  • To enjoy the opportunities that living and learning near Pittsburgh offers


The 2+2 Plan is the most common path to a Penn State degree -- about 60% of our students opt for this path in a typical year -- and the vast majority of our majors can be completed in this fashion. To transition between campuses, the only requirement is that you meet the entrance to major requirements for your selected major.  For more information about the 2+2 Plan, contact the campus advisor for the major you are interested in, or contact Admissions.