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Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS)

Undecided about a major?  You're not alone.

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In fact, about 80 percent of students entering Penn State aren’t entirely sure about their choice of major. Choosing a major is a piece of cake for some, but for the majority of students, it’s not that easy. Perhaps you have dreams, goals, and ideas, but you aren’t quite sure how to put them all together. The Division of Undergraduate Studies can help.

The Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) is one of the largest enrollment units for first-year students at Penn State and:

  • gives students time to explore different academic areas at Penn State
  • provides academic advising guidance to help students find majors suited to their interests, abilities, and goals
  • allows students to complete the necessary major requirements before entering their desired major (if needed).


More information about the Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS):