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Penn State New Kensington faculty, staff, and administrators are encouraged to use this form when requesting information about students.

This form will assist an individual in formulating a request so that the request can be filled appropriately. Although the Registrar's office will process requests as quickly as possible, please allow the office three working days in which to complete a request.

Unless otherwise specified, data will be sent to the requester in an excel spreadsheet e-mail attachment and will be sorted alphabetically by student name.

Statement of Confidentiality: The information provided is intended for University use only. Disclosure of the information to individuals or organizations that are not members of the University community is in violation of the University policy on confidentiality of student records.




1.  For which semester and year are you requesting the information?

2.  For which group of students are you requesting information? (check all that apply)

Graduate Degree   Graduate Non-degree  Baccalaureate  Associate   Provisional  
Non-Degree Regular Non-Degree Conditional   All Students  

3.  What do you want to know about these students?
(for example, number from out of state, their major, etc.)


4.  Which data elements do you want to be included in your report?  Please be specific.
(for example, name, PSU ID, local address, local phone, e-mail address, etc.) 

5.  How is this information to be used? Knowing the nature of the request and whether or not it is a part of a larger project assists the Registrar's office in generating information of a more exacting nature.